About the CAReS Trial

CAReS (the Cancer Appetite Recovery Study) is currently enrolling adult patients in England, Scotland and Ireland who are suffering from weight loss as a result of their cancer. Cancer related anorexia is very common, but unfortunately, no approved treatment currently exists.  CAReS is evaluating a new investigational medication for cancer related anorexia.  Additional information is available on ISRCTN.com.

Cancer anorexia: the unmet need

You may qualify to join the study if you:*

  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have cancer
  • Have unintentionally lost >5% body weight in the last 6 months

Please contact the nearest participating clinical site to learn if you qualify to participate in the study. Current sites enrolling patients are shown in the map below.

Study Design & Duration
This is a two-stage study and participants will take part in only one stage with enrollment happening sequentially.  Qualified participants for the first stage will receive active study medication and be eligible for expense reimbursement.  In the second stage patients will either receive active study medication or placebo and expense reimbursement. 

The study duration of Stage 1 of the study is 18 weeks with 11 visits, which includes up to 2 weeks of screening, 12 weeks of treatment and 4 weeks for follow-up.  During Stage 2, participation is at least 16 weeks with 12 visits.

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*this is only a selection of the inclusion criteria that patients must meet in order to take part in the investigational study and does not guarantee participation

You may lose your appetite for several different reasons, the disease itself, chemotherapy or radiotherapy, feeling sick or vomiting, worry and stress or discomfort in eating and swallowing etc. Losing your appetite can often lead to reducing your food intake leading to weight loss and takes away other pleasures in life such as enjoying your food or socialising with friends and family. There are no approved medicines for increasing your appetite and ultimately your weight if you have cancer. The aim of the CAReS study is to see if a new medicine ART27.13 can help restore appetite and weight in patients with cancer.

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